About The App

PhotoShoot is a Creative Collaboration Platform for Photographers, Models, and Makeup Artists (Creatives). It's an efficient way to network within the industry to build and improve your portfolio. With free sign-up for our creative users, it can even be used as a great tool to make money! 



On one hand PhotoShoot is designed for aspiring Creatives who want to collaborate on a mutual benefit basis, although if you're an established professional there's also an option for you! It's a great way to build yourself a trusted customer base, and to stay connected. 


PhotoShoot is also great for when you are travelling. You can search for Creatives in the area you wish to go and book them in advance, or just be spontaneous and change your location when you get there. Collaborate and make new friends at the same time!


Through PhotoShoot’s rating system you can always be confident that the users you connect with can be trusted. 


Follow us on Instagram @photoshoot_app to see photos by our Creative Community and for the latest news and ideas. 




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