Q: Why do I need to sign up with my Instagram Account? 

A: Our app is designed specifically for Instagram creatives so you must have an Instagram account to log in. Furthermore, we are a free App and use Instagram's screening processes, among other things, to help keep our community safe. 


Q: Is there a way to upload photos that aren't on my Instagram Account to my portfolio? 

A: No, because we use Instagram's photo screening technology to help keep our community safe. 


Q: How do I change my current location? 

A: Go to 'Edit' profile and press the purple location marker to the right of your location.


Q: How can I read peoples reviews? 

A: Press on the stars below their profile picture.


Q: Can I search for a specific username? 

A: Yes, just input it directly above 'City' on the search screen and tap 'Go'.


Q: How are the search results sorted? 

A: They are sorted using an algorithm based on location, rating, and last login date.


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